Chopra Perfect Health Program


Devon Beninga, Certified Yoga Therapist & Certifed Chopra Center Instructor. Through the Perfect Health Prorgram, Devon provides instruction to faciltate your healing and growth.

If you are coping with physical illness, emotional upset, chronic pain, job burnout, work-life imbalance, or relationship stress, the Perfect Health program will help you heal. Perfect Health was developed by the Chopra Center’s co-founders, Deepak Chopra, M.D., and David Simon, M.D, and includes classes in meditation, ayurveda, and yoga.

Devon facilitates this beautifully designed five-lesson process that sequentially leads you through the theory and practical application of mind-body medicine and ayurveda. By practicing the techniques learned in the Perfect Health program, you will be able to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Identify your mind-body-personality
  • Improve your digestion and sleep patterns
  • Release emotional toxicity
  • Create optimal dialy nutrition
  • Lower your blood pressure

The Perfect Health program provides the tools to enhance your physical and emotional well being through your conscious choices, enlivening the nourishing connection between mind, body and spirit.

What is the Perfect Health program?

Based on the global best seller Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D., the Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program teaches you to easily bring balance and healing into your life.  Students will learn a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices designed to balance the body and mind, enhance nutrition, reduce emotional turbulence and re-awaken the senses.

In some form or another, we all seek Perfect Health—physically and emotionally. Chopra Center co-founder and medical director, David Simon, M.D., has designed a beautiful  five lesson course for achieving equilibrium of the mind and the body. When our bodies and minds are in balance we can make nourishing choices, achieve the healing, and experience the change we seek.

How will Perfect Health affect my life? 

Today, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses.  Our bodies and minds react to it by shifting out of balance, which ultimately creates physical challenges and emotional turbulence that impact our lives at home, at work, and at play. In time, we can find ourselves in toxic relationships and non-nourishing patterns of eating, sleeping, and digestion. The Perfect Health program will help you identify the imbalances in your life, teach you how to correct them, and help you develop a nurturing daily routine. You will also learn to release emotions in a healthy way so that they don’t build up in your physiology. Most importantly, as your stress is eliminated, your mind and body begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness.

What Will I Learn in the Perfect Health program?

The Perfect Health program is presented in five sessions over several days.

In Session One, your Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor will introduce you to the basic principles of Ayurveda, Meditation, and Yoga as well as the three  primary mind-body personalities: vata, pitta, and kapha. In Session Two, you will learn how to select and use the most nourishing foods for your mind-body personality.  These nutritional practices will help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight, and optimized digestion. In Session Three, you will learn to perpetually renew yourself each day by recognizing and eliminating toxins and by performing gentle rejuvenating techniques. In Session Four, you will learn tools to practice conscious communication to enhance your relationships and help you achieve emotional freedom. In Session Five, your instructor will teach you to use your senses to access the power of your body’s inner pharmacy to heal, nourish, and maintain balance.

Testamonial: 11/2010 workshop participant

“Devon, I want to thank you so much for such a great couple of days. You know first hand what it is like to work in the high stress corporate world. My days are non-stop from the moment I walk into the office till I leave, many times 10 to 12 hours without ever sitting quietly to eat or just do nothing. You made the two days comfortable, relaxing and stress free. We got through all of the Perfect Health material and were never pressured. It was a nice combination of “classroom” work and “hands-on” exercises, which kept it interesting and easy to mentally stay with it. I plan to take what you’ve taught me and take that next step!”

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Pre-registration deadline & $100 non-refundable deposit due before the workshop. We need to order materials & supplies directly from the Chopra Center,  in the correct quantity,  and make sure they are ready to go for you the day event.

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